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Boise Estate Planning Attorneys

With offices in Boise and Sun Valley-Ketchum, our Law Firm offers comprehensive estate planning legal services in Ada County.

Our expertise is focused on individuals and families with assets of $2 million and more.

Estate planning attorney Jen Wulf oversees our Boise office, and is available to assist with revocable trusts, wills, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, estate administration and probate, and trust administration and settlement.

Fixed Fee Estate Planning

If you own a home, have retirement accounts, a bank and investment account, and perhaps some life insurance – we can assist you and work with you on a fixed basis for your base estate planning.

Planning for High-Net-Worth Individuals

If you have multiple properties and investments, we can assist you with your estate planning and work with you to ensure your assets are titled consistently so your estate plan works as intended.  We can assist you with our effective and efficient estate planning process billed at our hourly rates, and can provide estimates of the fee once we have information about your particular situation.

Advanced Estate Planning

Best suited for high-net-worth individuals and families with estates with assets in excess of $20 million that may be subject to federal estate tax.  We assist with advanced tax planning strategies including lifetime planning for irrevocable gifting trusts for children and grandchildren, and grantor retained interest trusts

Relocation Planning

For individuals and families relocating to Idaho from another state, we work with you to establish an Idaho estate plan and address planning for property you may still own located in another state.  We work inclusively with your existing team of professionals including your CPA, financial advisor and estate attorney from your former state.  If you have assets in California and Idaho we can assist you in both states.

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D. Leigh Koonce, ACP

D. Leigh Koonce, Advanced Certified Paralegal (ACP), Director of Operations, J. Eshman Law

Leigh Koonce has been a paralegal at J. Eshman Law since 2006. She assists with document drafting, editing, and client relations. Leigh is also our Director of Operations for the firm.

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Jynx Jenkins

jynx jenkins

Jynx has been a paralegal since 2009 and started work at J. Eshman Law in 2023. She assists with document drafting, editing, and client relations.

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Sarah Sundby

Sarah Sundby, Director of Finances, J. Eshman Law

Sarah joined J. Eshman Law in 2013 and serves as our Director of Finances. She also assists with day-to-day operations and client relations, accounts payable/receivable, proofreading, and production of online content.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions, that are not covered here, please reach out to us!

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  • I moved from another state to Idaho. Do I need to update my estate plan?

    In short, yes. We recommend that clients who have relocated from another state to Idaho restate their base estate plan documents (wills, revocable trusts, financial powers of attorney and healthcare documents) to ensure that the plan reflects your current goals and addresses Idaho state law issues. If an Idaho resident dies with documents that are governed by another state’s law, the process of settling the estate can become unnecessarily complicated, time-consuming, and more expensive due to differences in state rules and legal requirements.

    Rather than work with old documents from another jurisdiction, we always restate estate plan documents to avoid multiple amendment documents and decrease the risk of confusion.  Further, restating documents is more efficient and cost-effective for you.

  • I know very little about estate planning, will I be educated during the estate planning process with JEL?

    We love to educate our clients, from explaining the planning options, terms often used in planning, and the purpose of each document.  We also like to use diagrams and videos to provide clarity to our clients.  If you choose our fixed fee plan, you will receive less education of the many estate planning options and available planning tools we would otherwise provide in an estate plan, but we will ensure that you clearly understand your estate plan documents.

  • Why do I need an estate plan if my assets are simple?

    Having an estate plan allows YOU to decide where your assets should pass, not the state of Idaho.  Having an estate plan in place and being organized is a true gift to your family.

  • Can JEL help me with advanced estate planning?

    Yes, we can educate you regarding the best options for your plan including irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs), grantor retained annuity trusts (GRATs), spousal lifetime access trusts (SLATs), intentionally defective grantor trusts (IDGTs), gifting and other advanced planning techniques.

  • My child just turned 18. What documents should they have?

    We recommend all adults, even young adults, have a Will, financial power of attorney and healthcare power of attorney in place.  Hopefully, you won’t ever need them, but having them provides you with peace of mind.

  • I can’t decide what type of entity to form, can JEL assist me?

    Yes, we can educate you regarding your entity options.  We regularly form partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.  We prepare articles of organization, bylaws, operating agreements, partnership agreements and other governing documents for entities in Idaho.

  • Does JEL handle probate?

    While we do not handle probate litigation, we can assist you with Idaho probate matters that are not contested, estate settlement, and trust administration.  We do not handle California probate matters but can assist with estate settlement and trust administration.

  • I am having problems with my landlord, can you help?

    Sorry, JEL does not assist with landlord-tenant disputes.

  • What types of real estate transactions does JEL handle in Idaho?

    Our services include buying and selling of residential and commercial properties.

  • I am looking for a divorce or family law lawyer for my divorce, can JEL assist?

    Sorry, JEL does not assist in divorce representation, but we can assist with the preparation of marital property agreements (prenuptial or antenuptial agreements).

  • Do you handle estate litigation or any other type of litigation?


  • How do you charge for your services?

    We generally charge hourly to give our clients the maximum attention they request and have come to expect with our high-touch client service.  But we do offer a fixed fee estate planning option for individuals and first-time married couples with uncomplicated financial lives.

  • If I become a client of JEL, will I have one point of contact with JEL?

    We take a team approach at JEL, and our clients will work with and get to know each of our team members.

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