J Eshman Law is privileged to serve three locations.

J Eshman Law serves clients in San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, as well as Ketchum, Blaine County, Idaho.

This allows us cross-state representation for estate planning, trust administration and real estate law: if you have properties or businesses in both Idaho and California, or have relocated from California to Idaho, or Idaho to California, we provide the ease of having a lawyer who can represent you in both states.

Each of our practices is also specialized to the particular state and city where it’s located. Our lawyers at our main office in Ketchum, Idaho, have years of experience in Idaho law in general and Blaine County local law in particular. So you can rest easy knowing that, not only will we keep your personal legal situation in mind, but we also have extensive experience in the specifics of the law where you are.


Sun Valley, Idaho is best known for its breathtaking mountains, excellent ski resorts, and gorgeous hiking trails. As a result, many people have chosen to make primary or secondary homes here, and still others own rental property. Our legal team in Blaine County can help you with acquisitions, leases, sales, business contracts, easements, and developments. We also provide legal counsel to local Homeowner Associations.

When Idaho is your primary home state, our Idaho estate planning lawyers have extensive experience in estate planning, trust administration of irrevocable trusts, and probate and estate settlement to guide you through the process, explain the legal and tax issues so they are understandable, and help you achieve your goals.

Our Idaho divorce lawyers can also assist with family law matters, including divorce, child custody and support, modifications, guardianship, alimony and property division. And if you own a business in Blaine County, our Idaho employment lawyers can provide guidance and counsel in employment matters, assisting you in everything from employee handbook drafting to settling employer-employee disputes.



San Francisco

Our estate planning and trust administration practice, including wills, living trusts and irrevocable trusts, is a primary focus of our San Francisco legal services. Real estate prices in San Francisco have never been higher. When you want to make a large investment in a property, you want a real estate lawyer with a deep background in property law. Our firm provides legal services for purchase and sale agreements, property financing, real estate as part of estate planning, and more. 

We also have extensive experience in general business matters so if you’re starting a business in San Francisco, or if you already own one, the business lawyers at Jill Eshman Law can help you do it right. From the creation of a business through its sale, through every business growth phase, we strive to effectively deliver counsel so our clients may achieve their goals.

Los Angeles

Whether you have estate planning needs, own an investment property, run a business, or own a home in L.A., Jill Eshman Law can help you make informed legal decisions and settle everything from estate plans to buying real property. We will work to provide personalized solutions for our Los Angeles-based clients.